Employee’s Charter

The Foundation of the Fuller Way is respect for people and continuous improvement.

It is based on teamwork and treating each other, our team members and partners, with dignity and respect.

We will work together to outperform the competition.

Job Security

Being competitive by making a better product for a better price is the best way to enhance job security.

Fuller is committed to working together with you through Continuous Improvement to protect job security.

To assist in advancing your career, Fuller will provide:

  • Career Counselling
  • Training
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Fuller is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of its people and partners.

Fair Treatment

Fuller offers equal opportunities based on an individual’s qualifications and performance,

free from discrimination or favoritism.

Competitive Wages and Benefits

Fuller will provide competitive wages and benefits.

Communication and Information

Through regular meetings and publications Fuller will provide information so that you will know what is happening in your company and within the industry.