Value Added

The voice of the customer is at the heart of our performance philosophy. Safety, quality and “value added” are part of our vision and culture.

  • On Spec. On Time
  • Quality is built into our manufacturing process
  • Robust quality checks
  • Front-end project support
  • Budget pricing
  • Technical support
  • Scheduling support
  • In-depth lining and coating project experience
  • Plant tours
  • “Lunch & Learn” programs
  • Simplified bidding analysis
  • À la carte, line-by-line or lot pricing
  • Engineering support
  • Detailed fabrication and “as built” drawings are part of our standards process
  • Good use of technology
  • Customer relations management (CRM) software
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
  • Spoolgen—spool drawing software reads customer model and ISO generating data.
  • AutoCAD and AutoCAD Inventor
  • Proprietary Project Data Integration Software (PDIS)—ties together data from all other software for robust planning, reporting and streamlining project management


  • Real-time progress reporting, available upon request and online
  • Bar-coded, scanned, serialized production system ensures 100% quality, traceability and repeatability
  • Project scalability
  • PDIS software enables customers the option to scale up or scale down the size of their project and have immediate and traceable feedback of price and scheduling implications
  • Customizable reporting tailored to customer requirements—any frequency, data and output format