Project Data Integration System (PDIS)

PDIS is a modern solution. The size and complexity of modern piping projects, along with the use of new software for modelling, project planning and execution, (including the demand for truncated timelines, reduced cost, better reporting and transparency) provided Fuller with an opportunity to develop a solution with project owners and EPCMs in mind: the Project Data Integration System (PDIS).

PDIS is Fuller’s proprietary system of processes and software designed to balance and address the needs of a complex industrial project.

PDIS provides the following benefits

  • Auto Generated Spool part numbers derived from engineering model isometric number
  • Auto Generated Material part numbers as per customer engineering models
  • Automated as built manufacturing drawings, eliminates translation errors
  • Web access, spool manufacturing traceability
  • Complete integrated quality plan with supporting digital process scan
  • Auto generated bar codes, spool identification tags
  • Auto generated accounting spool price verification documentation

How does Fuller achieve all this?

Here is a partial list of departments and the corresponding information provided by Fuller:


  • Automated, error free fabrication drawings, spool lists
  • Automated revision tracking, management of change


  • Automated spool accounting sheet
  • traceability and transparency
  • project scalability


  • Project scalability via “a la carte” appendix style pricing


  • Online project tracking


  • Packing Slip
  • Commercial invoicing


  • Inspection and test plans per spool

Please contact Fuller for further information on PDIS.