Guiding Behaviours

Respect for our employees and continuous improvement are the foundation of the Fuller Way.


Guiding Principle:

Respect for our employees and continuous improvement are the foundation of the Fuller Way.

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will be open and honest in my dealings with others
  • I will actively listen and understand. If I am unsure I will clarify what is being communicated
  • I will treat people as mature, responsible, self reliant adults
  • I will encourage and support employee involvement
  • I will behave as a responsible leader at all times
  • I will treat everyone equally, fairly and with dignity

Continuous Improvement

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will provide a culture which allows employees to embrace Continuous Improvement
  • I will provide training and resources to continually improve the skills of employees
  • I will continually improve the quality of our products and services
  • I will create a company of problem solvers

Safety and Well Being

Guiding Principle:

Our employees are our greatest asset. The safety and well being of our employees is foremost in everything we do.

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will lead by example
  • I will not compromise safety for production or any other reason
  • I will immediately address unsafe acts and conditions that I witness
  • I will abide by all safety rules and regulations
  • I will respect work life balance

Honesty and Integrity

Guiding Principle:

Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Respect are the cornerstone of all our dealings with customers, vendors, and communities.

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will always tell the truth
  • I will say what I am going to do and do what I’m going to say
  • I will behave in all decisions and actions by applying the Golden rule – do to others as you would have them do to you
  • I will continuously meet and exceed our customer’s expectations

Responsible Supporters

Guiding Principle:

We are responsible supporters and contributors to the communities in which we operate.

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will reduce our environmental impact
  • I will contribute to my community


Guiding Principles:

Constant innovation is the way of life at Fuller. We continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Guiding Behaviours:
  • I will standardize and improve all processes at Fuller
  • I will look for and implement innovation whenever I have the opportunity

Long Term Success

Guiding Principle:

Our focus is on long-term success

Guiding Behaviour:
  • I will make all decisions with a long-term focus